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Deliverance - Review

"Who you gonna call?" Not the Ghostbusters according to the new book from Jason Bray - an anglican priest who's also a deliverance minister.

MAY 4th, 2021


Author: Jason Bray

© Coronet Publishing


f there’s something strange in the neighborhood? Who ya gonna’ call?

Well not the Ghostbusters. Instead, when feeling the presence of the supernatural, there is only one group of people to seek out - Deliverance Ministers.

For years these specially trained ghoul investigators have worked behind the veil of secrecy, yet Jason Bray, an Anglican priest, has now pulled the curtains open on what it means to battle the world of ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists and other supernatural phenomena. His book Deliverance tells the story of his time as a Deliverance Minister (or Exorcist) and the often surreal cases where his parishioners have been haunted, possessed or have experienced the weird and unexplained.

Author Jason Bray - © Getty Images

The first thing to note about Jason Bray and his intriguing story around working in this most questioned and speculated field; he isn’t aiming to scare the life out of you. The dramatic and frightening concoctions of Hollywood (The Exorcist or Poltergeist come to mind) this is not. Jason hasn’t much time for the farfetched nonsense of the movie industry, and what you quickly learn is that the world of the supernatural is, in most part, not always what it seems.

At the start of the book Jason describes his own runin with a ghost at his home. Constantly cold with an uncomfortable and imposing aura, one night as Jason was washing his hands in the bathroom he felt a terrifying presence. “I turned towards the door.” He writes. “It was closed, but I sensed there was something - someone - standing on the other side, staring straight at me. A prickling sensation ran through me, from top to bottom. But it wasn’t just a sense, it was a concrete vision. He - and I knew it was a he - was about my height and wearing a wooden mask roughly twice as wide as his face…” Scared yet?

“I was absolutely terrified, rooted to the spot and unable to breathe.” He concludes.

This first interaction with the supernatural begins Jason’s journey into the world of deliverance ministry. His book looks to pull back the curtain and expose the teachings and realities of chasing ghosts and exorcising demons. Yet like I mentioned before, Jason doesn’t go for Hollywood style dramatics.

Instead he delicately and forensically analises the world of the occult and how what some may perceive as an unwelcome ghouglish guest in their home is in fact something different altogether. Take poltergeists for example. Most, myself included, would expect these deathly entities to be the malevolent actions of a spirit. Yet, as Jason explains, most poltergeist activity stems from the living and not the deceased.

The iconic movie 'The Exorcist' added a horrifying and dramatic elevation to the world of deliverance ministry. - © Warner Bros.

As the book continues, Jason expertly describes the experiences and interactions throughout his career and whilst he never rejects any one testimony, neither is he hoodwinked into any dramatics. There are moments in Deliverance which leave you questioning the existence of the paranormal, there are others that leave you utterly convinced it exists.

Either choice is ultimately made by the reader, and that is something Jason actively pursues throughout the book. He isn’t trying to convince you or persuade you to accept the existence of the supernatural world, he is effectively describing the experiences that have shaped his life and career.

Deliverance is a fascinating book which leaves you with questions answered, but also asking some of your own. It makes you think and sympathise with the human psyche and leaves you understanding that the traumas we live through in life sometimes remain in the world of the living with us. It doesn’t look to scare the reader or dramatise the world of the supernatural, but educate and open up the world of deliverance which has remained closed for decades.

But ultimately, Jason Bray reminds us that the existence of the inexplicable world beyond ours is a discussion that remains a hot topic. Does the afterlife exist? Are ghosts real? Can a person become possessed by an evil spirit? Deliverance attempts to answer those questions, whether you agree with the answers or not is down to you. However, when that certain “thing” goes bump in the night, after reading Deliverance, you’ll question what it was much more than ever before.

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