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Wake Up - Review

Piers Morgan divides opinions more than most, yet his latest book is a triumphant look at the obsuridty of our world today, and a must read.

OCTOBER 16th, 2020


Author: Piers Morgan

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s there anyone in British media today who divides opinion more than Piers Morgan? We would argue no. Yet, whatever your own answer may be, his latest book Wake Up is a must read for those who agree with him, but more importantly, those who don’t.

Wake Up, is Morgan’s resounding battle cry in celebration of the division which has surrounded his name, not because he enjoys the divisive nature of our world today, but to assist in differentiating between respecting differing opinions, and silencing them. From the first page to the last he unapologetically fights for the right to disagree, to debate, to respectfully argue and, irrespective of your own beliefs, act upon your right of freedom of speech.

Cover of Wake Up by Piers Morgan - © HarperCollins

For him, “wokeness” is the target of his irritation, including all manner of subjects; Meghan Markle, Hollywood, veganism – just to name a few. In typical Piers Morgan fashion, he doesn’t hold back, yet neither does he press the nuclear button. He thoroughly and, in places, entertainingly pulls apart the woke narrative, which many feel have overruled our common-sense. ‘The biggest threat to our freedom in the 21st century isn’t coronavirus but hysterically woke liberals trying to kill democracy by suppressing free speech,’ he writes, setting out his stall from the off.

In recent years we have watched with silent dismay the deconstruction of the art of agreeing to disagree; an approach which seems as extinct as the dinosaurs. Wake Up is the remedy; the fight back against the absurdity which dominates our political and social landscapes. Throughout 352 pages, Piers makes a comprehensive and compelling case against the world of “woke”, against the tribalism which has poisoned our debates and devolved our ability to converse.

There are some jokes along the way, and he himself admits not every approach he has made has been fair, but Wake Up also doesn’t hide away from the more serious ramifications of our current direction. He makes a convincing argument against the hypocrisy of Hollywood – an industry which rightfully exposed Harvey Weinstein, yet bestowed a standing ovation for Roman Polanski, a man found guilty of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl – and the double-standards of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on climate change. He engages these examples with an approach of rational consistency, pulling back the PR orchestrations and exposing the many flaws.

As a self-confessed liberal, Wake Up is also a plea to his own kind to see sense again; to stop this archaic aggrandising of sought out offences. In Pier’s view, to be a liberal, your very essence is to create space for a differing opinion, not to shut down and silence those who don’t share your outlook on a particular subject. His case is made with humour, honesty and forensically, so much so, it’s impossible to put the book down.

Piers hosting Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid © ITV/Good Morning Britain

Celebrities, royalty and coronavirus are just a slither of Wake Up’s offerings, but there is also the celebration of those who have come to push back against the destructive narrative, who have reminded us all that Britain – and the world – hasn’t completely lost the plot. Sir (Captain) Tom Moore – the wonderful 100-year-old veteran who moved and inspired the entire planet after raising over £30 million for the NHS – is a definitive example against the word salads we hear from Madonna or Harry and Meghan.

Piers Morgan may divide opinion – he might, in certain cases, have you screaming at the TV, either in agreement or not, yet his voice is needed now more than ever. Why? Because there is rarely anyone like him on our screens anymore. His book is an extension of that feeling. Wake Up isn’t about belittling people or picking arguments, it’s about highlighting how ridiculous those arguments are in the real world, outside of the Twitter bubble. Do you have to agree with everything he says? No. But be thankful that we have someone with such a public profile who isn’t worried about whether you do or don’t – he’ll still hear you out.

The title for the book is more than a little ironic, and it may just have that effect. We should all hope it does. It is the battle cry many of us need right now, to push back against the ridiculousness which dominates our world, and it seems fitting that Piers Morgan is the man to lead it. Here’s hoping he never stops. Here’s hoping his book finally forces us all to ‘Wake Up’.

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