Book Reviews

Deliverance - Review

"Who you gonna call?" Not the Ghostbusters according to the new book from Jason Bray - an anglican priest who's also a deliverance minister.

By Jonathan Reed

MAY 4th, 2021

Greenlights - Review

Matthew McConaughey's biography is an in-depth look at his success, failures, lessons and approach to living as authentic life as possible.

By Jonathan Reed

MARCH 12th, 2021

The Midnight Library - Review

Matt Haig's spectacular new book will leave you understanding that life doesn't fit a schedule or ideal, and that's good.

By Jonathan Reed

JANUARY 12th, 2021

Wake Up - Review

Piers Morgan divides opinions more than most, yet his latest book is a triumphant look at the obsuridty of our world today, and a must read.

By Jonathan Reed

OCTOBER 16th, 2020

The Art Of Resilience - Review

Adventurer Ross Edgley teaches the skills to stoicism and resilience, in preparation for your own adventure.

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 5th, 2020

Finding Freedom - Review

It is the bombshell royal biography that is less of an explosion and more of a whimper.

By Jonathan Reed

AUGUST 12th, 2020