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The London Resort Reveals First "Land"

As the resort makes it way to be confirmed, developers have provided a first-look at a dinosaur themed "land" set to rival Jurassic Park.

APRIL 20th, 2021

New concept art for the planned "Base Camp" has been released - © The London Resort


he London Resort have revealed an exclusive look at their first “land” which will be featured in the proposed multi-billion pound theme park resort. Themed around the world of dinosaurs, PY Gerbeau, Chief Executive of The London Resort, has promised “there will be thrills, spills and high energy rides combined with opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk the earth.”

Known as “Base Camp” the area will boast a collection of attractions, some of which will use state of the art technology. Two roller coasters, live stage show experiences, advanced dark rides, roaming dinosaurs and unique dining will all be featured in the heavily immersive area.

The land will be themed around a "real-life Dinosaur park". - © The London Resort

Developers released concept art of a proposed play area. - © The London Resort

Out of the two coasters proposed, one based on the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, will aim to become the fastest roller coaster in Europe and will recreate the typical flight path of a Quetzalcoatlus. A second coaster will be tamer and be targeted at a family audience.

There will also be a 1,500 seat arena which will feature elaborate shows set against the backdrop of a heavily dense tropical forest. It is believed that the latest animatronic technology will bring the dinosaurs to life for multiple stage shows.

In addition to the already impressive offering, a 4D motion-based ride will take riders into prehistoric waters and come face to face with the mighty Mosasaur and other sea-dwelling creatures. Another dark ride will be much more interactive allowing riders to track and tag dinosaurs in the wild.

A diner will allow guests to see some of the prehistoric underwater beasts. - © The London Resort

As well as the exciting attractions, Base Camp will offer learning opportunities. These will include a huge play area where younger guests can explore and excavate. Zip lines, climbing walls and archaeological tunnels will feature alongside underwater viewing platforms to fully immerse the younger guests into the prehistoric world.

For food and drinks, there will be one restaurant inspired by the life and legacy of scientist Mary Anning, and another which will offer a fine dining experience like no other. Diners will be offered a 360 degrees thrilling underwater look at prehistoric oceans and dinosaurs.

The latest exciting details emerged after PY Gerbeau spoke at Blooloop’s session on carbon neutral theme parks, with the Chief Executive saying: “Base Camp’s design is based on a philosophy of what an actual, modern day, prehistoric nature reserve might look like,” said Gerbeau.

“There will be thrills, spills and high energy rides combined with opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk the earth.

“However, unlike popular films that depict dinosaurs as villains, things don’t always go terribly wrong here. We are building a land of preservation and celebration of dinosaurs.”

Concept art of the planned Paramount - © The London Resort

The London Resort has recently passed the first stage of its Planning Inspectorate and is currently under review by the Secretary of State. The full enquiry and validation process is expected to take around 12-18 months to complete.

Expected to be the world's first carbon neutral theme park, the resort, if given the go ahead, will generate £50bn in gross economic activity in the UK over an initial 25-year period, and would open in 2024 with construction beginning in 2022.

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