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The London Resort Continues Public Consultation

The UK's version of Disneyland is expected to open in 2024 and looks to create the world's most advanced theme park.

AUGUST 11th, 2020

Concept art for the planned resort - © The London Resort


major entertainment resort is edging closer to a start date as public consultations continue. The London Resort is set to be Britain’s answer to Disneyland and the ambitious project will lead the way on innovative and immersive experiences for all the family. The resort is set to open in 2024 with new exciting details emerging.

Two theme parks (or ‘gates’) will be at the centre of the development, with the first opening in 2024 and then followed by the second in 2029. Six themed lands will comprise of rides, attractions and entertainment. Retail outlets, dining, accommodation and a water park are also included in the impressive plans.

The plaza concept art - © The London Resort

There will also be an eSports arena which will seat 2,500 people, bringing the world of gaming, tech and innovation to a global audience. An exhibition and conference centre will be built next door with room for 3,500 seats.

Construction is planned to start in 2022 with public consultations already in full swing until 21 September.

PY Gerbeau, The London Resort’s CEO, has expressed his excitement for the upcoming project, saying: “The London Resort represents a unique opportunity to bring a thrilling and exciting global entertainment destination to the UK with a breadth of facilities.”

The Resort will be the biggest of its kind in Europe since Disneyland Paris, though looks to provide something truly unique in the entertainment industry.

Concept art released by The London Resort - © The London Resort

As well as innovation; relevance and flexibility are key components for the driving force for the developers, including sustainability. The aim is to make the project the world’s first net-carbon neutral entertainment resort. By harnessing the natural surroundings, the design of the resort will blend in with the surroundings and a large section of the peninsula will remain undeveloped.

Focus on transporting guests to and from the resort will concentrate on public transport, including trains, river boats (park and glide) and buses. There are also plans to include an electrically powered “people-mover” which will stop at the Resort’s entrance and hotels.

With new concept art released, the plans include numerous exciting details, and the theme parks promise to cater for all ages, with at least two of the planned themed lands designed around family. Paramount Pictures, the BBC and other large scale companies are already sponsoring the project through licensing, and could potentially shape the theme of some the rides.

Throughout the parks there will be “breathing spaces” which will minimise queues and congestion. A large plaza will greet guests on arrival which will lead into the resort, becoming a “holding point” before guest can enter.

Four hotels with up to 3,550 rooms will be situated at the entrance of the two theme parks, with one designed into the planned water park. Each hotel will have their own design and tone, offering a unique experience for guests who decide to stay.

Further public consultations are expected to take place over the coming weeks with further details set to be announced, as the true potential of The London Resort slowly but surely is released.

Map of the resort - © The London Resort

Gerbeau says, “It will generate multi-billion-pound investment, thousands of jobs, and will transform a largely brownfield site into one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in the world…

“We have listened, analysed and considered all the feedback given to us through extensive consultations. It is the first project of its kind to be designated a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project so while it’s incredibly important for local communities to continue contributing, it is also important for the nation to have its say.”

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