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Top 5 Fitness Apps

With the pandemic continuing, what are the best fitness apps to keep you in shape, both physically and mentally?

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2020

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Our health has never been more important as it is now. With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to take hold, and some gyms still remaining closed, what are the best fitness apps to ensure that your mental and physical health remains in top shape? We tried and tested numerous apps throughout the last two months and have listed the top 5 we think are the best.


© Centr

Chris Hemsworth’s app Centr combines physical, mental and nutritional health to “centre” yourself. Combing these three elements – train, eat and live – Centr gives users the information and workouts which the Hollywood star uses in his own personal life.

Each exercise is usually between 20 to 40 minutes and utilises HIIT, boxing, yoga, strength training, MMA and more. Each workout session is adaptable for users at any stage of their workout journey, from beginners to advanced. Recipes, auto-generated shopping lists and universal dietary options enable you to eat healthily, and guided meditations and sleep visualisations, for both adult and children, help you get a good night sleep.

Available on iOS and Android here


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Whilst physical health is an important part of our daily lives, mental health is just as fundamental. With depression and suicides on the rise, specifically amongst men, research has proved that meditation can help reduce stress and improve overall happiness.

Headspace offers a variety of guided meditation sessions, including a Focus Mode featuring helpful soundscapes and SOSO meditations. Methods to help you sleep combine sleepcasts, music and unique audio experiences. Move Mode trains your body and mind at the same time to strengthen you mental and physical well-being, and The Wake Up mode provides inspiring stories to help start your morning right.

Available on iOS and Android here


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With the aim to give users the same experience of a boutique fitness class, Aaptiv enables you to exercise from your home, outdoors and also at the gym with 30 new classes each week. There are over 2,500 classes overall with include teaching methods on stretching, strength training, yoga and running.

The app already has over 200,000 members, creating a diverse community that offers tailored programs to your own fitness goals.

Available on iOS and Android here


© Fooducate

Exercise is important for both your physical and mental health, but nutrition is also vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Fooducate makes eating a balanced and healthy diet easy, as the app’s goal is to teach you about the products you buy.

You can scan over 250,000 barcodes to see a personalised nutrition grade, choose the healthiest option and understand the pros and cons of the product.

Available on iOS and Android here

Charity Miles

© Charity Miles

Who knew you could work out and give back to a charity of your choice at the same time? Charity Miles combines exercise and fundraising, allowing their users to make an impact. The free app asks what charity you’d like to donate to, and with each mile you walk, bike, or run, you help earn money for your chosen charity.

You can fundraise alone or with a community, and so far over 100,000,000 miles have been moved and $2,750,000 has been raised.

Available on iOS and Android here

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