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How the Queen Remains Britain's Biggest Rockstar

She charmed the world's most powerful leaders and went viral after cutting a cake with a sword; the Queen has once again shown she's Britain's Biggest Rockstar.

JUNE 14th, 2021

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here are few in the world whose smile can light up a photograph, and none as much as Her Majesty The Queen. Bright, natural and full of warmth, it is impossible not to mirror the monarch’s infectious grin once seen. And yet, in recent months there hasn’t been much for our 95-year-old Queen to smile about. Last month she buried her husband of seventy-three years, Prince Philip. Her grandson Prince Harry, alongside his wife Meghan Markle, launched grenade after grenade at the institution she has been head of for nearly seventy years. She tragically lost one of her new corgi puppies, and has been subjected to the same COVID-19 laws as the public which have kept her from performing any engagements in person.

However, over the weekend the Queen was back in glorious action, and what a triumphant return it was. Attending the G7 Summit in Cornwall, Her Majesty was front and centre proudly representing brand Britain. Joking, charming and utterly resplendent, our monarch beguiled some of the world’s most powerful leaders, and as expected, had them eating out of the palm of her royal hand.

The Queen is joined by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge to cut a cake in honour of The Big Lunch intiative. - © Getty Images

Of course this isn’t new to the Queen. The summit was the third time Her Majesty has appeared, and albeit it is rare for the monarch to attend, her rockstar fame and respect was expectantly unrivalled. That respect was on full show as the annual “family” photograph was taken at an evening reception hosted by the Royal Family at the Eden Project.

There was the small, elderly Queen, sitting in the centre, flanked by the world’s most notable and power hungry leaders. After a cheeky joke by the monarch - “aren’t we supposed to look like we’re enjoying ourselves?” - and the photograph was taken, these leaders literally scrambled to be close to Britain’s longest serving monarch. It was a wonder to behold the demonstration of the Queen’s power, the longevity of her reign and duty outranking the world’s most powerful.

That simple moment highlighted what the Queen brings to brand Britain, something no other country can claim - consistency. Her Majesty was Queen when the first G7 summit was formed in 1975. In 1977 she attended her first G7 summit and hosted Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whose son Justin Trudeau she hosted this year - 44 years later. She has seen society and politics change in fundamental ways that beyond the G7 summit, her presence is one of historic and cultural significance.

After the G7 summit came to an end she didn’t slow down. Following the summit she attended Trooping the Colour at Windsor Castle - scaled down for a second year due to COVID-19 restrictions - in which that iconic smile never once left her face. She tapped her feet along to the music, was awed by the Red Arrows, and seemed genuinely thrilled to be there. Renowned for her love of pomp and ceremony, the Queen seemed in her element and was noted to comment on the timing of the soldiers to the Commanding Officer as she left the castle’s Quadrangle.

The Queen meets her thirteenth U.S. President, Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden - © PA

A day later, she was back and this time hosting her thirteenth U.S. President, Joe Biden. That statement alone shows the remarkable persisting presence of the Queen, and for a woman who allegedly can recall almost word-for-word her first conversation with Winston Churchill after becoming Queen, the stories she could tell would be truly fascinating.

And yet, whilst this continuity is impressive - and unique, what is remarkable about the Queen is her style and fervour in performing throughout it. Never once has she put a foot wrong, said the wrong thing, pulled the wrong face or excluded any leader - including history’s most brutal. She has resolved to the mainstay of her reign, duty must always win the day.

For some, this would be hard to understand. We have recently seen members of her own family struggle with the concept, yet it really isn’t that hard to get to grips with. Upon her Coronation, The Queen saw herself as more than just a woman, but an individual whom the public and wider Commonwealth could look to for guidance and comfort. A Queen who could champion the triumphs and console the tribulations - a stable force whose emotions wouldn’t cloud her judgement or unsteady the noble steed of monarchy. A steady hand, a reliable emblem of Britain, a physical Union Jack.

These elements have come to define who she is as monarch and have followed her throughout her entire reign. There are, of course, moments of the human beneath the crown. At the G7 summit she showcased that through the simple cutting of a cake. Using a sword to slice the enormous cake, the footage of Her Majesty wielding the weapon and struggling with the task went instantly viral. It is impossible not to smile at the video; the good natured approach the Queen inhabits, Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall helping when the monarch begins to struggle, and the Duchess of Cambridge finding the whole thing hilarious provided some of the best royal footage in months.

The Queen pictured smiling whilst watching her 69th Trooping The Colour ceremony. - © PA Images

What the G7 summit and the following days of engagements reminded the world was that no-one does it better than the Queen. She is the consummate professional and unrivalled in her presence, character, diplomacy and grace. Whether it be enchanting world leaders or partaking in the traditional celebrations of monarchy, the Queen is Britain’s greatest brand, and she sells it better than anyone with that iconic and infectious smile.

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