Royal Corner

Earthshot is Prince William’s Legacy

The Earthshot Prize finally awarded their five winners on Sunday night, but the "world's most prestigious environmental prize" also defines the beginning of its founder, Prince William's legacy.

By Jonathan Reed

OCTOBER 18th, 2021

How The Cambridges Prove Royalty Can Achieve Privacy

With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returning to public life after the summer holidays, we look at how they've proved it's more than possible for public figures to live a private life.

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 14th, 2021

The 'Other' Prince William

We all know who Prince William is, yet before the Duke of Cambridge there was another Prince William, who's impact on the Monarchy was just as profound.

By Jonathan Reed

AUGUST 30th, 2021


America's Darkest Political Day

As shameful images were projected around the world to a global audience of horrified allies – and gleeful enemies - surely, President Trump must be removed from Office, immediately.

By Jonathan Reed

JANUARY 7th, 2021

An American Nightmare

On a night which saw American politics dive deeper into the divisive and destructive fray, is anyone really a winner from last night's debate?

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2020

Covid Conundrum

Is the UK leaving one devastating pandemic, only to blindly walk into a group of others? Some experts certainly think so.

By Jonathan Reed

AUGUST 27th, 2020